Sukuna vs Mahoraga 【MMV】× Out of Control + Colored frames + Action Cuts

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【静止画MAD】渋谷事変×Out of Control【呪術廻戦】
Colored frames + Action Cuts Included.
The Shibuya Incident Arc. Jujutsu Kaisen. 呪術廻戦.
宿儺 vs 魔虚羅 【MAD】MMV. 八握剣異戒神将魔虚羅.
Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga.
Throughout its entire history, no user of the Ten Shadows Technique has been able to tame it. “The ability to adapt to any and all phenomena”.
Don’t read text in frames – just watch pictures.

Source :「呪術廻戦」
Music :「Out of Control」
Video has many low quality cuts because ORIGINAL have.
Made it with passion.

Action Cuts Original video:
Most changed original MMV:
If needed, I can add colorists twitters.
If you colorist & want that – write me.

Copyright Shueisha and song artists are zebrahead & MAN WITH A MISSION.
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